All your live data in a spreadsheet

Actiondesk connects to your SaaS & databases.
Pull raw data, build auto-updated reports, dashboards and find the real-time information you need.
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Build live reporting with no code

Easy, no code required
Don’t learn a new tool: use spreadsheet features and formulas you already know.
Beth Goulet
Director of Revenue Operations @Edmit
Having the power of a spreadsheet with the ability of importing data from multiple sources that automatically refresh has instantly solved all of our reporting problems
Be autonomous
Stop relying on tech teams to build the dashboard you needs.
Josh Hubball
Founder @Level Frames
Super easy setting up Actiondesk to read our data tables, and now I can do everything inside a spreadsheet without having to bug our dev team.
Create pivot tables with your live data. Import tables with thousand rows without knowing SQL. Use SQL custom queries if you want to.
Romy Lynch
Co-Founder @Mona
I love the spreadsheet feel because I can try and test different things, run small scale analyses and access all of my SQL data - live.

Who is Actiondesk for?

Follow your company's key metrics on one line by line unified report

Founders and executives are using Actiondesk to track their company's most important KPIs, understand their top and bottom line, their product usage and sales funnel.

Week over week report with key financial metrics, product usage and sales funnel.

Track your revenue, new paying users and make sure you're on track to meet your objectives

Actiondesk lets you get an instant picture of your revenue, other financial metrics, and build forecasts.

Month over month revenue evolution, objective completion and projections.

Build a customized sales Funnel report and make sure your team is focused on meeting your objectives

Sales dashboards on Actiondesk lets you visualize of every aspect of your sales process by connecting your CRM. Focus on the most important KPIs for the team.

Month over month Sales Funnel by stage and cumulative conversion rate.

Improve your logistic efficiency and customer satisfaction

Gather your operational metrics about the lifecycle of your orders in one spreadsheet. Identify where to improve in order to increase your customer satisfaction.

Month over month orders volume, total revenue and logistic KPIs.

Give your non-technical teams autonomy

Stop writing adhoc queries or building dashboards in your hard-to-use BI tool for your teams. Instead, give them the tool they need to build their own reports.

Connect your data source and let your business team import the data they need.

Why Actiondesk is better than other solutions

BI tools
like Metabase or Chartio

A spreadsheet is easy to set up, everyone knows how to use it

like Google Sheets or Excel

There are no CSV exports: all your data is live, your reports are automatically updated

SQL editor
like MySQL Workbench

It's 100% no code, so everyone in your team with spreadsheet skills can explore your data - you can still use SQL queries if needed though

like Zapier

You don't need to update the settings for each micro change you want to make

Internal tool/Admin panel

You save precious engineering time and can focus on building your product


Connect your data sources