How Garantme saved weeks of development time thanks to Actiondesk

March 25, 2019

About Garantme

Garantme is an insurtech company that facilitates access to housing by providing a rent guarantee for tenants that reassures landlords and boosts their applications.


Garantme is a fast-growing company processing a large number of tenant applications every day. Their sales, account management and application operations are mainly managed through Hubspot.

To manage those processes, they need to incorporate data in Hubspot that comes from other tools, most notably Stripe and their own MySQL database. For example:

- Tenants subscribe to Garantme’s services for a year. Garantme needs to have the subscription renewal date in Hubspot to inform tenants about upcoming renewals and avoid frustrations.

- Tenants’ payments sometimes do not go through. Garantme needs to have this information in Hubspot to ensure proper follow-up.

- When a tenant fills out a new application on Garantme’s website, the data is stored in their MySQL database. Then they need to create a new deal in Hubspot so that the customer success team ensures the same processing quality they provided on the first application.


These use cases are not as straightforward as they might seem. A subscription in Stripe needs to be matched with a deal in Hubspot. Given Garantme’s current system, the only way to do this is via the email address. Thus they need a lookup function. This is one of the reasons why those use cases can’t be handled with Zapier or similar tools.


Another difficulty is that there could be several Stripe subscriptions per Hubspot deal. Indeed, sometimes several tenants are filling in the same application (roommates). In the case of the first example, that means we need to take the earliest renewal date. That requires advanced logic and aggregation.


The solution: actiondesk


To address those three problems, Garantme had several options:

1/ Doing it manually. They could extract the data manually from Stripe and their database, crunch the data in Excel and re-upload the transformed data in Hubspot. This was not really an acceptable option. They need this data to be updated several times a day, so doing it manually would be a full-time job.


2/ Having their technical team code a custom solution. This would take a significant amount of time from the team, taking them away from being fully focused on the customer-facing part of the product. Furthermore, it wouldn’t give the operational team the ability to easily modify the logic once the code was written. Every time they need something new or even just a modification, they’d need to interact with the technical team, write specifications, wait for the feature to be prioritized...


3/ Using Actiondesk.

Actiondesk lets any non-technical user build powerful automations using only their spreadsheet skills.

With Actiondesk, Garantme’s operations team has implemented the following automations (among others):

1/ Payment renewal date

  • Take the renewal date of a Stripe subscription.
  • Match it with the associated Hubspot deal.
  • If there are several subscription dates per deal, take the earliest
  • Transform that date into a timestamp readable by Hubspot
  • Feed that timestamp to a deal custom property in Hubspot



2/ Payment dispute

  • Take payments that have a dispute in Stripe
  • Match payments with subscriptions
  • Take subscriptions that have at least one dispute
  • Match it with the associated Hubspot deal
  • Feed that information to Hubspot


3/ New application

  • Take applications in the MySQL database
  • Take applications that have no associated deals in Hubspot
  • For those, create a new deal in Hubspot with all the pieces of information in the database



All these automations run every hour.




Emile Karam, Garantme’s Cofounder and Chief Product Officer says, “Before discovering Actiondesk, we were getting ready to put our own technical team to work to implement those automations. This would have taken weeks and would have slowed down our other code work. Each automation took only 20 or 30 minutes to implement with Actiondesk. More importantly, our business and processes evolve constantly. We need to modify existing automations and build new ones very frequently. Going back and forth with our technical team and making them waste time for internal processes would be a nightmare.”


To sum it up, Garantme was able to build automations tailored to their processes and saved weeks of development.