Monthly KPIs for e-commerce


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Monthly KPIs for e-commerce

If you run or work at an e-commerce company, this template will provide you with most of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you'll want to follow including:
- Your total number of orders
- Your Revenue
- Your Gross margin
- Your Average Order Value
- Your Average number of orders per customer

One interesting angle is to look at your new customers vs your repeat customers.
You want to make sure you have a healthy number of both.
- If you don't have enough repeat customers, it's a shame because you've invested in acquiring these new customers but you haven't made the most of them. Among other things, be sure to regularly send them newsletters with your new products and new offers.
- If you don't have enough new customers, then you're only relying on your existing customers. That's great if you have enough of those to stay in business, but you'll want to have a repeatable process by which you acquire new customers in order to have healthy growth.

You can use this template with your Shopify data or your order data from your database / data warehouse.

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