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NPS User Feedback Report

NPS is a measure of your customer's loyalty and satisfaction.

Here's how it works:
- You ask your customers "How likely is it that you would recommend our product / service to a friend or colleague?"
- Customers who respond 9 or 10 are considered "Promoters"
- Customers who respond 7 or 8 are considered "Passives"
- Customers who respond 6 or below are considered "Passives"
- The score is calculated by taking the percentage of respondents who are promoters and subtracting the percentage of respondents who are detractors.

You'll get a score between -100 and 100.

Here's how to leverage NPS to improve your customer satisfaction:
- Every week or month (depending on your volume), look at all the detractors, identify patterns within the reasons why customers are not satisfied
- Identify key actions to solve these problems
- Execute these actions
- The week (or month after), you should have less detractors with the problems you identified, making your NPS better
- Repeat

This Actiondesk template lets you easily track how your NPS is evolving. Is it trending towards the right direction?
It lets you also easily dig into the raw data (each individual response) to identify the problems and take action.

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