The easy way for startup teams to make better decisions with data

Understand your company key data without writing SQL, just basic spreadsheet skills

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Who is Actiondesk for?

CEO, Business analyst, Founders, Department head

Access your data in a spreadsheet:
- Stop relying on an engineer every time you need a new query for a report
- Build any report you need with no code, only spreadsheet formulas
- Manipulate your real time data exactly like in Google Sheets and Excel
- Say goodbye to painful export CSV

CTO, Software Engineer, Data engineer

Give autonomous access to the company data to any business user in a no code tool:
- Connect your database or data warehouse to Actiondesk in a few minutes
- Let any business user build their own views and reports
- Say goodbye to the usual "Hey, could you build this query for me"

Flexible data exploration and reporting with no code

Easy, no code required

Don't learn a new tool: use spreadsheet features and formulas you already know.


Combine the ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a BI tool. Use SQL queries if you want to.


Explore your data and build what you need using your spreadsheet skills.

Why Actiondesk is better than other solutions

Better than BI tools like Metabase or Chartio because it's easy to set up, everyone knows how to use it and it's $15/user/mo
Better than a spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Excel because there are no CSV exports: all your data is live, your reports are automatically updated
Better than a SQL editor like MySQL Workbench because it's 100% no code, so everyone in your team with spreadsheet skills can explore your data - you can still use SQL queries if needed though
Better than a connector like Zapier because you don't need to update the settings for each micro change you want to make
Better than an internal tool because you save precious engineering time and can focus on building your product

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