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Eliminate the need for third-party connectors with Actiondesk. Integrate data from multiple sources into a simple spreadsheet. Build out custom dashboards and reports using nothing more than the spreadsheet skills you already have. Plus, Actiondesk is cloud-based, offering real-time, two-way updates to your data — so you can rest assured that you always have accurate, up-to-date information. Elevate productivity and maximize the impact of your data with Actiondesk.

How Our Customers Use Actiondesk

Edmit Simplifies Data Reporting and Analysis with Actiondesk

According to Edmit Director of Revenue Operations Beth Goulet, “Having the power of a spreadsheet while being able to import data from multiple sources, such as HubSpot, that automatically refreshes has solved all of our reporting problems.”

Find out how Actiondesk helped save valuable time and costs on data reporting and analysis for this advisory services company.
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Unflow Unlocks New Analysis and Reporting Possibilities with Actiondesk

Software company Unflow was juggling too many disconnected data sources, making data analysis and reporting time-consuming and difficult. Finally, they found Actiondesk.

“The more I use Actiondesk, the more invaluable it becomes,” says Co-Founder and COO Romy Lynch.
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Level Frames Maximizes the Value of its Data with Actiondesk

As custom framing company Level Frames grew, so did their volume of data. Struggling to measure the impact of products, customers, and marketing strategies on profitability, Level Frames turned to Actiondesk.

“Actiondesk saves time and gives us better decision-making abilities on pricing and marketing spend allocation…[and] allowed us to completely sidestep 20 to 30 hours of engineering time,” says founder Josh Hubball.
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Integrate multiple data sources into one simple cloud-based spreadsheet and build hundreds of custom dashboards that update in real time.