Build Custom Intercom Reports

Intercom is a customer communications platform that helps businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers. The company provides next-generation solutions for customer success and marketing, chat, live chat, sales and support teams. Intercom enables companies to communicate more effectively with their customers by providing them with a personalized experience across the entire customer journey.

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Actiondesk is a spreadsheet interface that connects to Intercom and your other data sources so you can build live reports.

Put your Intercom reporting on a spreadsheet


Connect your Intercom data live

Actiondesk connects to Intercom and any other external data sources or your internal database. You can import your data live in a table, no csv exports required.

Build reports like Google Sheets

Actiondesk's spreadsheet interface works like Google Sheets or Excel. You can use basic formulas, build pivot tables, charts, graphs, and dashboards. Nothing to learn.

Slack and email digest

With Actiondesk, you can automate your reports over Slack or Email. That way, your whole team stays on top of everything.

Edmit founder

“Having the power of a spreadsheet with the ability of importing data from multiple sources that automatically refresh has instantly solved all of our reporting problems”

Beth Goulet, Director of Revenue Operations @Edmit

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Jphn Hubball

Super easy setting up Actiondesk to read our data tables, and now I can do everything inside a spreadsheet without having to bug our dev team.

Josh Hubball, Founder @Level Frames

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Romy Lynch

I love the spreadsheet feel because I can try and test different things, run small scale analyses and access all of my SQL data - live.

Romy Lynch, Co-Founder @Mona

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Start building your Intercom report

You can use our pre-built Intercom templates to get started quickly. Or you can start from scratch - importing takes only 5 minutes.

Or, if you have your own use case in mind...

Want to combine data from Intercom and other data sources?

You can use our pre-built Intercom templates to get started quickly. Or you can start from scratch - importing takes only 5 minutes.

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