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Stop spending hours collecting your performance metrics. Actiondesk updates your reports in real-time to reflect any change made in your data sources. In a data-driven world, Actiondesk helps you get the time to analyze your data so that you make better decisions for your business.


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How much does it cost?

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There are two options:
- You can get early bird access for free until May 1st.
- The regular access will then cost: $15 / editing user / month and $0 / view only users / month.

How is Actiondesk different to access and explore my data?

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There are 5 painful options to access and explore your data:
spreadsheet + the infamous copy-paste CSV
😱 just hell. you don’t want a full time job to keep reports updated.

spreadsheet + scripts
😱 you don’t want to be the only geek in the team to be able to modify the scripts.

spreadsheet + add-on
😱 the interface is clunky and it takes time to update when changes are needed.

lightweight BI tool
😱 it’s expensive, complex to setup and only a few people know how to use it.

internal tool
😱 false good idea, you spend precious engineer time.

No copy-pasting
✅ No script to maintain
✅ No engineer time
✅ No clunky interface
✅ No learning curve
✅ Live data
🏆 With Actiondesk, you can access and explore all your live data in one place. As easy and flexible as a spreadsheet, as powerful as a BI tool

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Is the data live?

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Yes, any data you import to Actiondesk from an external data source will be refreshed automatically. 

Is the data synced both ways?

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No, you can only view your data in the Actiondesk spreadsheet. You can’t make changes that would sync back to your data source. It’s a feature we’ll eventually add though.

Does Actiondesk store my data?

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We only store your data temporarily while you’re working on your spreadsheets and viewing them. We do not store your data permanently.

How easy is it to connect Actiondesk to my data source?

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If it’s a SaaS software, it takes 30 seconds. If it’s a database, you’ll need your credentials and, once you have them, it takes 30 seconds too. If you don’t know what this is, you should ask your engineering team. Have a look at this video.

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Integrate multiple data sources into one simple cloud-based spreadsheet and build hundreds of custom dashboards that update in real time.

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