Actiondesk joins Datadog

Jonathan Parisot
Jonathan Parisot

Today, I am very excited to announce that Actiondesk is now part of Datadog, the leading monitoring solution for cloud applications. As part of the acquisition, the product has shut down.

A common mission

Datadog helps technical teams collect, analyze and visualize data about their cloud workloads. The ultimate goal of Datadog is to make this data actionable and solve problems fast. Analyzing data to make it actionable is at the heart of what we’ve been trying to achieve at Actiondesk. This is why it’s called Actiondesk.

Our conviction is that most data / BI tools let you view dashboards and insights, but they don’t help you take action. And actions around data - specifically, manipulating it to fit your own business and its needs -  typically happen from within a spreadsheet. 

The problem with Excel and Google Sheets is that they don’t connect to your live data. You can only work with static data. That’s why we built Actiondesk. Actiondesk lets you import live data from multiple data sources and perform familiar spreadsheet operations with this data such as vlookup, pivot tables and more.

Actiondesk + Datadog

By combining Actiondesk’s cloud spreadsheet technology and Datadog’s platform, users will be able to manipulate and analyze Datadog telemetry using familiar spreadsheet operations such as vlookup and pivot tables directly from within Datadog’s platform. Thus, they’ll be able to do things spreadsheets are uniquely good at such as:

  • Forecasting usage and cost.
  • Slicing and dicing data with a pivot table.
  • Enriching the data with custom business logic.

Since we started discussing with the Datadog team, the prospect of solving problems for over 26,000 Datadog customers has been extremely compelling. 

We are excited to begin this new journey with Datadog.

Thank you

I want to take this opportunity and thank all of our customers. Some of you have supported us from day 1 by trying a very raw product and giving us invaluable feedback. To this day, every customer who used Actiondesk and paid for it took a leap of faith - trusting us as a key partner in making critical business decisions with their data. Thank you!

I want to send a thank you also to our investors and employees. None of this would have been possible without you. 

We’re excited to join Datadog, and while this marks an important milestone in our adventure, this is only the beginning. We’re looking forward to showing you Actiondesk inside of Datadog.

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