Raising $3.9m to make data analysis and reporting as easy as using Google Sheets

Jonathan Parisot
Jonathan Parisot
May 24, 2022 · 3 min read
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I’m excited to announce today that we’ve raised a $3.9m seed round from Tiger Global, Bling Capital, Y Combinator, Speedinvest, FundersClub, Liquid2 and around 20 angel investors: startup founders and operators. Here's techcrunch telling our story.

If you don’t know us, Hi! This is us: 

Building a new spreadsheet software from scratch ✅

We went through Y Combinator in 2019 and set out to build a next generation spreadsheet software: one that would be natively integrated with any data source your business is using, whether an internal database or a SaaS. 

We had two convictions: 

1/ ​​Spreadsheets are the best way to work on data. They’re: 

  • Programmable
  • Flexible
  • Known by pretty much every knowledge worker

2/ Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets - as great as they are - are not adapted to the way business teams work and the tool they use

  • They only handle static data, not live data
  • They can’t connect with all the tools you use, unless you use some duck tape (and messy) solutions like Zapier and the likes

Transparently, we didn’t realize at the time how complex spreadsheets are. Rebuilding from scratch a new spreadsheet software has required a lot of time and hard work from our team. 

That being said, 2.5 years later, we’re very proud of the product we’ve built. We’re constantly getting amazing feedback from our customers, like this one

We’ve been growing revenue and number of customers 50% month over month for about 6 months. 

Here are the main characteristics of Actiondesk right now

It really works like Google Sheets. 

A lot of products pretend to have a spreadsheet like interface and experience. We found that most of them don’t really, and constraint users into a closed canvas and limited functions.

Just like Google Sheets or Excel, Actiondesk gives you an infinite canvas where you can input text, numbers, import data and make calculations. 

We support most functions you know from Excel and Google Sheets, and we even added some exclusive Actiondesk functions. 

Actiondesk can connect to close to 200 data sources

Everything is in the title. You can connect to Actiondesk your CRM, customer support software, accounting system and get your live data into your spreadsheets. 

You can forget about csv copy pasting every monday morning before your meeting with your boss to update your reports. 

With Actiondesk, all of your reports will always be up to date. 

See the list of all of our data sources here

Here are the 10 most popular ones: SQL databases, HubSpot, Salesforce,, Quickbooks, Intercom, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads.

Get started with one of our 50 pre made templates

Making data analysis easy and accessible to everyone is core to our mission at Actiondesk. 

That’s why we decided to recreate a spreadsheet interface: spreadsheets are the most accessible type of interface. 

Everybody knows at least the basics of how spreadsheets work. 

One other way we make analyzing data easier is by providing templates you can get started with in 1 click. 

These templates are the results of talking to hundreds of companies and gathering best practices for each department. 

See the list of our templates here.

Share reports automatically with your team, external partners or customers over Slack and Email

Finally the most recent feature we’ve shipped that our customers absolutely love is “Digests” 

You can schedule automations to send reports and key metrics automatically over Slack or Email at a specific schedule: every day or every Monday morning for example. 

What’s next

Our vision is to make it super easy and accessible for anyone within companies to build their own reporting and data analysis. 

You shouldn’t have to master a complex language like SQL to get the data you need to drive your team and meet your objectives. 

Nor should you have to raise a ticket and wait for your data team to get back to you weeks later because their bandwidth is too limited. 

Product wise, we’ll focus over the coming quarters on: 

  • Improving our spreadsheet interface and making it even more like Google Sheets / Excel
  • Shipping more templates
  • Enabling further collaboration: you’ll be able to comment on Actiondesk sheets and share them with the whole world if you want to
  • Finally, we’ll improve our visualization capabilities so that you can build beautiful reports and tell stories using your data. 

If you’re having the problems I’ve described in this post, you should definitely try Actiondesk out! 


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