Create spreadsheet reports with your Close data.

Actiondesk is a spreadsheet interface where you can connect all your SaaS and databases, including Close, so you can create reports with your live data.

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Build your report just like on a spreadsheet

Connect your data live

Actiondesk connects to Close and any other sources like your Stripe account or your internal database. You can import your data live in a table, no csv exports.

Build reports like Google Sheets

Actiondesk's spreadsheet interface works like Google Sheets or Excel. You can use basic formulas, build pivot tables or add charts. Nothing to learn.

Automate your reporting on Slack

With Actiondesk, you can automate your reports like your weekly Sales recap over Slack or Email. That way, all your team stays on top of everything.

What Our Close Customers Say

BRANDON healey
Director of Sales & Operations @ SumoQuote
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Actiondesk allowed me to leverage information that I wasn’t able to get before from Close, and helped me invest more in sources that were driving high-valued deals to get more customers.
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Head of Sales @ Close
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We were tracking the MRR with a CSV export from our tool. By connecting Close to Actiondesk, we built an always up-to-date report and saved hours per month to focus on our customers.
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Actiondesk x Close

As part of the partnership, we’re happy to offer 15% discount on our plan for the first 3 months, and a free data consulting call to connect Close and build the most important report you’ll need from your Close's data.