Announcing the Actiondesk Pivot Table: Create pivot table with your database's data

Jonathan Parisot
Jonathan Parisot
Jul 22, 2017 · 1 min read

Today, we’re releasing one of the most exciting features of Actiondesk. 

If you’re not familiar with it, Actiondesk is a data analysis tool, simple and easy. It connects to your database and lets you build powerful reports using a familiar spreadsheet interface.

So far, to build a report in Actiondesk, you had to use formulas such as countifs, sumifs, average, countunique, etc 

Now, you have an even faster way to analyze and slice your data, the famous pivot table. If you’re familiar with the pivot table in Excel or Google Sheets, the Actiondesk pivot table is very similar. 

You could build this with your own data in a few seconds

Unlike Excel or Google Sheets, your pivot table is directly linked to your live data in your database, so it’s always up to date with the latest data.

With the pivot table in Actiondesk, you can create interactive and dynamic reports in a few seconds and without even writing a formula. 

Here’s a 2min demo of the Actiondesk pivot table:

We’re working on making our pivot table even more powerful. Soon, you’ll be able to add pivot charts. A chart directly linked to your pivot that updates as you change your pivot. 

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