How to connect MySQL to Salesforce (Best 3 Tools)

Emma Butler
Emma Butler
Jul 18, 2019 · 1 min read
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Are you a salesperson or account manager who kills it with Salesforce but wants easy access to data stored in your database? Maybe you rely on your tech team to do proper data pipelines to feed relevant data to Salesforce. Or maybe someone from another team sends you weekly excel reports and you then have to toggle between Salesforce and this excel report.

 Simplify this process and do it all yourself with a codeless integration between MySQL and Salesforce.


I’ve outlined my favorite 3 tools to help save you time!


Zapier is one of the leading tools in no-code and it’s very easy to set up a codeless integration between MySQL and Salesforce. You create triggers (When ‘abc’ happens..) and actions (then ‘xyz’ happens). This could look something like When a ‘New Row’ is created in MySQL then Create a ‘New Lead’ is created in Salesforce. You can do these triggers & actions (called zaps) in both directions (from MySQL to Salesforce and vice versa).


You’ll need to create a bunch of these zaps though. One for each specific trigger for specific objects and fields. You’d create one for “new leads” “updated leads” “new contact” “updated contact” or “new column” “updated column” “new row” “new column” etc. 


This can be a bit tedious.


Skyvia allows you to create a bi direction synchronization between your database and Salesforce.You can also use “complex mathematical and string operations and conditions for mapping data” as it notes on the website. 

DB Sync

DB Sync’s main focus is creating a 2-way sync between your database and Salesforce so all the information is live and accurate on both platforms. If you’re a big SQL nerd and prefer using SQL to edit and search for things, then this is the tool for you. You can edit anything in your database and it will sync to Salesforce.

I hope you find one of these tools useful!

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