4 No-Code Ways to Export Salesforce Data

Emma Butler
Emma Butler
Jul 15, 2019 · 2 min read

Need to export data from Salesforce to a spreadsheet, but don’t want to bother your tech team to do it? You might want to mass edit/ manipulate your data on Google Sheets, create an automated dashboard, or create cool visuals on Google Sheets to wow your boss.

 Whatever the reason you should be able to move Salesforce data to Google Sheets effortlessly.


You have a few easy, no code options. (Some even allow for a 2-way sync: change your data in google sheets and it automatically updates in Salesforce and you don’t have to do anything!)


You can integrate Salesforce and Google Sheets with Zapier, use data loader tools (such as or Data Loader Salesforce), use Actiondesk or the G- Connector for Salesforce. 

Data Loaders

Salesforce Data loader tools are able to export data from Salesforce to a CSV. However, they only export data as a .csv. They don’t have the ability to connect to Excel or Google Sheets. This means three things: 1) You need to manually import the data from the .csv to Google Sheets and 2) the data will not stay live in your spreadsheet and 3) there is no 2-way sync. If you want to manipulate or mass edit your data from the .csv in Google Sheets, you’ll need to re-import it back into Salesforce manually.


You’ll also be asked to use SOQL to set the parameters of your export. 


Read the full review of data import and export tools to Salesforce here.



Zapier integrates with Salesforce and Google Sheets. It’s very easy to set up and get going. You’ll need to create multiple zaps to keep your data live in Google Sheets; one zap for exporting data to Google Sheets, one for updating Salesforce if you update a cell, one for updating Salesforce if you insert a new row, another for opportunities, contacts, leads, etc. 


G Connector for Salesforce from Xappex

G-Connector Salesforce is a Google Sheets Add-on that you can install right from your Google Sheet and has an easy to use 2-way sync. Ultimately G Connector is great for simple and small exports and imports but long reports have been known to timeout when either exporting or importing. 


Salesforce Data Connector from Google

Also an add-on to Google Sheets, Google's Salesforce Data Connector is easy to install and pulls in data from Salesforce reports or custom queries, allowing for your to insert and update changes made in you Google Sheets to Salesforce and schedule refreshed data.

Salesforce Data Connector has a limit of 2,000 records to export into Google Sheets and as it is still new, has lots of bugs relating to syncing the data from Google Sheets to Salesforce and random Timeouts (although Google seems to fix reported bugs within 3 days).



I hope this helps make your life with Salesforce a little easier. Whether you’re just doing a simple export to CSV from Salesforce or are going the extra mile to make life easier for your team with 2-way syncs, I hope you found a tool here to make your workday more productive. 


By the way, interested in Actiondesk? Click here!

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