How to Delete a Pivot Table in Google Sheets and Excel

Stephanie Lehuger
Stephanie Lehuger
Feb 07, 2020 · 1 min read

If you want to delete your pivot table and keep a backup of the resulting data, you are at the right place to learn it with this 1-minute video that explains it all for Google Sheets and Excel.

How to delete a pivot table and keep the data

You’ll see how easy it is, just click on this 1-minute video, it much easier to understand this way that reading any explanation, trust me:

There I'm going to show you how to delete a pivot table I'll show it to you both in Google sheets and Excel.

So, let's first start with Google Sheets.

It's very easy.

What I suggest you is to first do a backup of your data, just in case. For this, you select your whole table, copy it, and then click on edit > paste special > paste values only.

Now you saved it, you go back to your selected table and just press the Delete key of your computer keyboard.

You're done! Yes, that's easy.

Now, let's do it on Excel

It's pretty much the same thing.

You select your whole table and copy it. Then, you just can just paste it and here you'll click on the little icon that appears on the bottom right hand corner of your table, select "values and number formatting".

Now you have your backup, you can go back to your pivot table and press on the Delete key on your computer keyboard.

That's it, you're done!

Hope it was useful and enjoy your new skills 😉

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