5 Business Benefits of Intercom-HubSpot Integration

Stephanie Lehuger
Stephanie Lehuger
Mar 16, 2021 · 4 min read
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Learn how an Intercom-HubSpot integration can help streamline your marketing and sales processes and improve productivity for your business.

What you’ll learn

Top 5 business benefits of Intercom-Hubspot integration

  1. Never miss an opportunity to effectively nurture a lead
  2. Get the full story for each lead 
  3. Streamline your marketing efforts
  4.  Ensure each lead reaches the right person
  5. Gain full visibility into your sales pipeline

The secret to optimizing your marketing and sales efforts

  1. Save time and improve resource allocation
  2. The superior solution for data integration and analysis
  3. Actiondesk: the superior solution for data integration and analysis
  4. Get started with Actiondesk and start building better HubSpot reports

If you’re in sales or marketing, you probably already know all about HubSpot and Intercom — two of the most valuable tools in any business’s arsenal. Intercom is a communication platform that makes it easier to speak to customers. HubSpot is an all-in-one solution that supports sales, marketing, content management, and more by collecting data that helps you measure clicks, impressions, and ROI. 

Given the value of each of these tools independently, it’s unsurprising that combining them can generate even more value for businesses. Integrating Intercom with your HubSpot dashboards can help streamline marketing initiatives and provide greater visibility into your sales pipeline — all without the hassle of manually combining data from Intercom and HubSpot CSV files.

Top 5 business benefits of Intercom-HubSpot integration

1. Never miss an opportunity to effectively nurture a lead

With Intercom-HubSpot integration, all your Intercom leads are automatically sent directly to your HubSpot dashboard. That means you never miss a chance to nurture a lead or close a deal using the workflows you’ve created in HubSpot simply because you don’t realize you have a potential lead in Intercom. You can even automatically qualify your leads with chatbots in Intercom. Then, your best leads are sent right to HubSpot, enabling you to focus on the most promising opportunities. 

2. Get the full story for each lead 

What’s another major perk you get from integration that you can’t get from a HubSpot Google Sheets integration or from regular HubSpot reporting? Once your HubSpot contact is created from the Intercom lead, all of your leads’ and users’ conversation transcripts will automatically appear as activities in HubSpot in real-time. That way, you can log conversations with leads in their HubSpot contact timeline. This provides you with a comprehensive picture of each lead’s journey at a single glance.

These benefits go both ways. With an integration between the tools, you can also get key HubSpot data right to your Intercom inbox. That means that you can access all the details you need on a lead’s journey — including their lifecycle stage and deal status — as you converse with them on Intercom, creating a smoother and more professional experience for both you and the lead. 

3. Coordinate your marketing efforts

Coordinating your efforts is essential to sales and marketing success. With a HubSpot-Intercom integration you can automatically trigger HubSpot workflows based on key details from an Intercom conversation — like date, keywords, or URL.

For example, imagine you have a HubSpot workflow to automatically nurture any new leads interested in pricing. With a HubSpot-Intercom integration, you can set HubSpot to automatically add Intercom conversations that mention “pricing” or “monthly plans” to that workflow. That way, all of your communications with a given lead are coordinated no matter where they originate. 

4. Ensure each lead reaches the right person

Another aspect of optimizing the sales pipeline is ensuring that each lead gets to the right person within your organization. 

When your tools are integrated, you can see who a lead’s HubSpot owner is as soon as they start a chat on Intercom. Then you can quickly route the lead to the correct person. As a result, you’re able to streamline the customer experience and improve the efficiency of key sales operations. 

5. Gain full visibility into your sales pipeline

Because any new information on your leads is automatically updated in the other tool in real time, integrating Intercom and HubSpot gives you greater visibility into your sales pipeline as a whole than you could ever achieve by using either tool on its own. That means that all your HubSpot reports will always be up-to-date, eliminating the need for manual data entry. As a result, your team saves valuable time and resources.

The secret to optimizing your marketing and sales efforts 

The real value of optimizing your sales and marketing efforts — whether you do it through an Intercom-HubSpot integration or by different means — goes beyond these five business benefits. 

1. Save time and improve resource allocation

When teams don't need to worry about manual data entry or difficult-to-navigate third-party integration tools to tap into the insights they need to successfully nurture leads and grow their business, their time and resources are freed up. As a result, they're able to focus on what matters most to their business. Productivity levels rise and the bottom line grows stronger. 

2. Actiondesk: the superior solution for data integration and analysis

When it comes to maximizing those benefits, there’s one solution that rises above the competition to help you optimize your marketing and sales efforts even more than you could with a simple Intercom-HubSpot integration: Actiondesk

Actiondesk is a unified platform that marries the functionality of a cutting-edge BI tool with the user-friendly interface of a spreadsheet. Actiondesk enables you to integrate data from multiple, disconnected data sources automatically to help you achieve more meaningful insights.

3. The benefits of using Actiondesk to analyze your HubSpot data

Actiondesk offers a wide range of integrations, including integrations for both HubSpot and Intercom. When you integrate HubSpot and Intercom via Actiondesk, the platform will automatically import all of your data from each into an  easy-to-use spreadsheet. You can then combine the data from both tools in a single dashboard with just a couple clicks. Play with your data however you like — using the Microsoft Excel functions and shortcuts you’re already familiar with. 

Even better, once you’ve connected Intercom and HubSpot once, Actiondesk will automatically update your data whenever any changes are made in either platform. That way, you can get the same real-time updates on a lead’s journey that you would with a regular Intercom-HubSpot integration — with the added benefit of user-friendly  data manipulation and analysis capabilities. 

4. Get started with Actiondesk and start building better HubSpot reports

Try Actiondesk for free today to start making better decisions, drive revenue, and save time. 

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