Pivot Table Sort in Ascending Descending Order in Google Sheets and Excel

Stephanie Lehuger
Stephanie Lehuger
Feb 07, 2020 · 3 min read
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I wanted to show you something that is very different in Google sheets and in Excel:

How to sort data in a pivot table

So let's first sort data in Google sheets

Here I have data that is sorted. When you look at the right hand side of the screen, you can see that the cities are sorted in an ascending order. When you check in the pivot table, you can verify that you indeed have Barcelona first, then the letters B, L, M etc.

sort data in a pivot table table 1

The sum of revenue though is not sorted. It would make sense to have your revenue sorting rather than the cities, you’ll probably want to sort it either in a descending or

or descending order.

Actually, it’s super simple but it’s crazy how long it took me to understand how to do it. Most probably because it’s so different in Google Sheets and in Excel.

In Google Sheets, in the same drop-down menu where you can sort the City data (my 1st column), you can also choose The sum of revenue (my 2nd column).

sort data in a pivot table, table 2

And here it is! You can either sort it in ascending or descending order. Yes, it’s that simple! It's really quick and easy but you first need to find where it is hidden.

Now, let's sort data in Excel

In Excel, it's very different. This might be why it’s so confusing when you try to do the same thing in Google Sheets.

Here, I just need to select the cells in The sum of revenue (my 2nd column), then go in Sort and filter, and click on sort From smallest to largest or From largest to smallest.

sort data in a pivot table, table 3

Boom, there it is!

Enjoy your new skills 😉

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