CMO Management Dashboard for SaaS

Google Big Query
TikTok Ads
Linkedin Ads
Google Adwords
Facebook Ads
Amazon Redshift

Track and compare your main marketing KPIs such as Total Spendings, Cost of Acquisition, Conversion Rate and more

Understand your CAC and payback period

Understand the evolution of each of your main channels

CMO Management Dashboard for SaaS

If you run marketing at your company and use multiple channels, then you know gathering data from all of your platforms - whether it's Google Ads, Facebook ads, Google Search Console, Linkedin ads, TikTok ads - is a huge pain.

Yet, being able to look at this data at one glance and figure out:
- What channels your leads come from
- And most importantly, where your actual customers come from
Is super important and easy!

With this template, you can reconcile data from all your marketing platforms, as well as from your CRMs and even billing system.
With all of this data, you'll also be able to calculate
- Your Cost of Acquisition (CAC)
- Your total Marketing investment
- Your Payback period

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