Google Adwords Report

Google Adwords

Track your main campaign KPIs like impressions, clicks, conversions

Compare and Optimze your campaigns by calculating the ROI

Build a live and tailored dashboard that reflects your Paid Ads objectives

Google Adwords Report

What’s this?

This dashboard shows your Google AdWords KPIs in real time. KPIs are measurable values about whether your ads are being successful (and driving revenue) or not. Think of impressions — the number of times your ad is visualized by internauts — clicks, or purchases. 

Actiondesk’s interface looks just like a common spreadsheet, but data is pulled directly from Google Adwords — no need for CSV exporting and importing. You can customize the report to fit your individual needs. You can break down your KPIs by month, to view how your ads are performing over time, or by campaign.

Other than KPIs like clicks and impressions, you can monitor your return or investment (ROI) percentage, to see whether your campaigns are truly paying off or not. 

How does it benefit your business?

Stop wasting money on campaigns that don’t generate the expected ROI and publish more of the ads that deliver real results. Try using this template to compare the performance of your different campaigns on Google AdWords.

Finding out which campaigns and ads are the most successful is important to help you create more successful ads in the future. Think about it: If you compare the performance of ad A and ad B, and you find out that ad B is the most successful, for future ads you can copy the design and communication style of ad B.

Plus, this template lets you monitor your ROI. Knowing exactly how much money your ad campaigns are making you helps you make better and more informed decisions. Simply put, if you notice that a given campaign is not driving revenue (and is basically only wasting your money), you can deactivate it right away. This way, you’ll stop paying right away and minimize losses. 

In Google AdWords, you would have to check the performance of your campaigns one by one. With this dashboard, you have all important data in the same place.

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Google Adwords
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