Digital Marketing Dashboard

Google Analytics

Understand the performance of each of your marketing channels

Get all your markeing data in one place

Make data-driven decisions for your Marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Dashboard

This report is one of the most useful reports we use internally at Actiondesk.

Let's say it clearly, marketing data is a mess. You have some data in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, tiktok ads, twitter ads, and more

It's really hard to have a comprehensive view of how each channel is performing compared to others.

Most teams go on each interface, gather the data manually and paste it into Google Sheets or Excel.
There's a better way.

With Actiondesk, you can connect all your marketing tools that store helpful data.

In this dashboard, we look at
- The traffic we get from each of our main acquisition channels
- The conversion for each channel

This way, you can easily identify your best channels and double down on them instead of wasting your time spreading your efforts over plenty of various channels.

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