Email-Marketing Dashboard


Track the performance of your email marketing campaigns

Improve your email campaign strategy

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Email-Marketing Dashboard

What it is? How does it benefit your business?

Monitoring the performance of your email campaigns can actually help you get a better return on investment (ROI). If you deeply understand which email templates and sequences work best, you’ll learn how to create campaigns that are successful for your specific audience. 

Let’s say your campaign uses two different email templates: template A and template B. You sent out template A to 50% of newsletter subscribers and template B to the remaining 50%.

You sent out both templates to the same number of users but you find out that template B has a way higher open rate. But let’s explain what the open rate is first. Out of the total number of people who received template B, the open rate is the percentage of subscribers who actually opened the email. 

Many factors can influence your open rate, but one of the most important is the subject line of the email. The catchier it is, the more likely it is that people will want to open and read the email. When writing content for your next email campaign, you know that a subject line like the one you had in template B works better than the one in template A. This will help you craft content that delivers a better open rate.

See how important is tracking your email marketing success? Eliminating the templates that don’t work and sending out more of those that work will eventually help you get more website visits, sell more, and be more successful. 

This template pulls real-time data from email marketing software like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and Hubspot. So, you can be confident that your business-critical decisions (like deleting an email template or investing more money into another) are always based on up-to-date data. 

You can easily compare different email templates or sequences as you’ll have data from all of them gathered in the same spreadsheet.

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