Facebook Ads Report

Facebook Ads

Track your main campaign KPIs like impressions, clicks, conversions

Follow your cost-per-purchase every days, weeks or months

Build a live and tailored dashboard that reflects your Paid Ads objectives

Facebook Ads Report

What is it?

This template automatically gathers business-critical Facebook Ads data for you. You can see the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions for your ads in real time. Impressions are the views of your ads on the popular social media channel, while conversions are when a user completes a purchase on your site after viewing the ad.

A conversion can also be any other target action you want, from contact form filling to free trial requests. You can break down the metrics by day, week, or month — your choice!

The dashboard also helps you realize how much money you’re actually making from Facebook Ads. You can see the number of conversions versus the ad cost for each conversion, which helps you quickly measure your revenue. 

Let’s say you sell a $30 product and your average cost per conversion is $15. If you get a good number of conversions, Facebook Ads may be a great revenue source for you. The scenario changes if the product is still $30, but the average cost per conversion is $25.

How does it benefit your business?

This dashboard ultimately helps you assess whether spending money on Facebook Ads is worth it for your business, or not. In other words, whether your ads deliver the results you want, or not.

Do you want to get your brand’s name out there? You should get a good number of impressions and clicks from your Facebook Ads. Are your efforts mainly focused on earning money? Then you should compare conversions with your cost per conversion. Either way, this report provides an almost effortless way to check if you’re achieving your goals.

Data is always provided in real time. If, at any given moment, you see that the cost per conversion is too high or you don’t get the desired results, you can delete your ads immediately. So, you won’t have to waste any more money.

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