Feature Request Report


Discover which features are most requested by customers

Score your feature requests and use this to drive your roadmap

Make sure you keep a pulse on what your users want

Feature Request Report

Product prioritization is one of the hardest things. There are always way more things you want to build than you can.

Being data driven and user focused is super important when deciding what to build next.

At Actiondesk, we track all feature requests using Airtable. When a customer asks for a feature, we try to figure out whether it's a "Must have" or a "Nice to have" feature. We log this information.

Every week, we review all our features and for each feature, we look at:
- How many customers asked for this feature
- How many deemed it as a "Must have" feature
- We also calculate a custom score. We attribute a weight of 3 to "Must have" requests and a weight of 1 to "Nice to have" requests
- That way, we can sort all the request features by this score and easily see which one we should build.

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