Find key metrics per customer segment

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Filter your users based on sign up date, payment plan, activity, etc.

Get instant data from specific user segment

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Find key metrics per customer segment

What is it?

This template lets you create user segments based on parameters like sign-up date, monthly spend, number of accounts, and monthly activities. But what is a user segment? It’s a group of users who share the same characteristics. For example, a segment may contain users from the same region, while another contains users who spend over $500 a month.

After creating the segments, this template shows you the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each user segment. KPIs are measurable values, like the number of users or the average time a user spends on your platform per day. They have the purpose to show whether you’re achieving your objectives or not. Ultimately, they let you know if your business is successful or not. 

What problem does it solve?

If you don’t create user segments, when you look at your KPIs, you’ll look at average values. In all honesty, averages suck because they’re so misleading and can lead you to make the wrong decisions.

Let’s say you want to see how much time your users spend on the platform. You’ll see the average time, which is calculated based on the time all users spend on the platform. This includes users who spend over $500 on your platform (and probably use it a lot) and users who spend $0 (and have probably abandoned the platform).

Wouldn’t it be better to segment users and exclude the ones who spend below a certain amount? This way, you’ll be sure to exclude inactive users and the ones who only use your platform occasionally. 

How can it benefit your business?

If you have precise KPIs, not average values, you can do a quick health check of your business. You’ll see exactly what areas need improvement, so you can take action to achieve more success.

Let’s say you’re going through a sales slump. With KPIs and user segmentation, you can see that users who signed up after a certain date spend 0 minutes a day on your platform. This is a clear sign that there has been a technical problem on the site around that date. You’ll just need to call your IT team to have it fixed, and sales will very likely resume as normal. 

Without that info, you would blame an advertising campaign or the new website design. But they have nothing to do with the real reason. You’d spend money on design improvements or a new campaign without achieving results. Frustrating, right?

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