Find key metrics per customer segment

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Find key metrics per customer segment

When looking at KPIs and metrics, we often look at averages. But honestly, averages suck. They can be extremely misleading and lead you to come up with the wrong action plan.

To make my point, I'll give you an example. Let's say you're looking at the speed at which your website is loading. You know that anything below 100ms is good, anything above is not.
If you look at the average, let's say you find you're at exactly 100ms. You could conclude that everything is all right and that you have no problem.

But an average of 100ms could mean a lot of different things
- It could mean that for all your users, it takes 100ms to load, which is fine
- It could also mean that for your half of your users it takes 0ms, and for the other half it takes 200ms which means half of your users have a bad experience

The solution to this is to look at segments. In our example, maybe if you looked at the users per country, or users per browser, you'd start noticing some problems.

More generally, this template lets you easily enter some parameters to define your segment and look at key metrics for that specific segment.

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