Number of deals and amount by stage


Monitor how many deals are in each stage of your sales pipeline

Visualize your pipeline value by stage

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Number of deals and amount by stage

What is it?

This template lets you monitor the number of deals for each stage of your sales pipeline. A sales pipeline, or sales funnel, is simply the journey of your customers from the first contact with your company to the purchase.

Every company has a different sales process, so the different steps of the funnel will be different for everyone. For example, the sales funnel for a SaaS tool could look like this:

  • Visiting the company’s website;
  • Filling out a form to get in touch with a sales rep;
  • Getting a free demo;
  • Purchasing the product. 

Don’t worry, the template is customizable for the specific steps of your own sales funnel. If you’ve already set your steps in a tool like Pipedrive or Hubspot, Actiondesk will retrieve them automatically for you.

The dashboard shows not only the number of people who went through each step of the pipeline but also the amount of money you made. It retrieves data from payment processing software like Stripe.

Lastly, the report compares the number of deals you won versus the ones you lost and your revenue versus the amount of money you didn’t make because of lost deals. This helps you assess whether your business is in a good place financially or not. 

How it benefits your business

Understanding your sales pipeline is important to let you know where your lost customers stop during the journey towards a purchase. Think about it: Lost customers start the journey, take a few steps, then stop at a certain stage of the sales pipeline and don’t complete the purchase.

Let’s say that John visited your website a couple of times, then filled out a contact form to get contacted by one of your reps. The rep grants John a free trial. After the trial has expired, the rep sends John a follow-up email, but the customer doesn’t complete the purchase. Maybe your product wasn’t the right fit for John’s needs, because it misses a key feature. 

Mary visits your site, then fills out the form asking to get in touch with one of your reps. The rep takes a lot of time to contact her. Let’s say that she doesn’t hear back from your company in about two weeks. In the meanwhile, Mary got in touch with one of your competitors and purchased their product. 

See how John and Mary’s journey starts in the same way but ends differently? Identifying what’s the most common way your customers abandon the purchase helps you understand what’s wrong with your sales process. At this point, you can take action to correct the problems, which will make you lose fewer deals and, ultimately, sell more. 

Do most customers abandon the sales pipeline because your reps take too long to contact them? Hire more reps and you’ll be able to get in touch faster, before a potential customer purchases the product of a competitor. Instead, if the reason is a missing feature, you can implement it and you’ll instantly see a decrease in lost deals.

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