The 7 Best Ways to Connect MySQL to Google Sheets

Stephanie Lehuger
Stephanie Lehuger
Mar 19, 2021 · 3 min read
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Exporting data from MySQL to Google Sheets can be great for creating reports and dashboards, for mass editing and updating, as well as for visualizing your data. I’ve put together the 7 top ways to get MySQL data to your spreadsheet so that analyzing the data in your database gets easier.

Top 7 ways to get MySQL data to your spreadsheet

In this article, I’ll give an overview of the best 7 ways to connect MySQL to Google Sheets in 2020. Some of them require no code whatsoever and others are more technical, so that you can make a choice based on your needs and skills. Here is the list of solutions and below a presentation of each so that you can pick the one you’ll use:

  1. Actiondesk
  2. Google Apps Script
  3. Zapier
  4. Blockspring
  5. Kloudio
  6. SeekWell
  7. QueryClips

Top 7 ways to get MySQL data to your spreadsheet Graph

Actiondesk: the new alternative

How it looks


Actiondesk is your best option if you need to access, explore and transform your data. You get all your live data in one place. As easy and flexible as a spreadsheet and as powerful as a BI tool, Actiondesk is a full-fledged spreadsheet software that transforms your relationship with your data. Actiondesk is natively connected to external apps like SQL, Airtable, Stripe, Hubspot, Intercom, and more, meaning you get live access to your data inside the spreadsheet. 


With Actiondesk, there's no need for add-ons or complicated queries. You can explore your data, combine it from different sources, and build dashboards with ease. The best part is that the data is automatically refreshed, so your dashboards always show live data without any need for manual updates. See examples of how you can access any data from your SQL database and analyze it using a spreadsheet interface.

You can try Actiondesk for free with a 14-day trial.

Google Apps Script: the free geek option

How it looks

Google Apps Script Interface


If you’re looking for a techie solution, there’s no better choice than Google Sheets’ script. To learn how to use Google Apps Script, check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to automatically retrieve data from my SQL database to Google Sheets with a script. It includes the actual code to make it work — plus it walks you through the 2 main steps you need to master to connect your Google spreadsheet to MySQL: 1) Creating a Google Sheets script to import a SQL table and 2) Running a Google Sheets script automatically every minute to retrieve SQL data. 

However, if you want to avoid the pain of updating the code and importing your data manually, consider opting for a more streamlined solution like Actiondesk. Actiondesk achieves seamless MySQL-Google Sheets integration with just a few clicks and no coding whatsoever, all in an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface.


5,593,386 users reviewed Google Apps Script on G Suite Marketplace and rated it 4.4 stars out of 5.

Zapier: the popular solution

How it looks

Zapier Interface


Zapier lets you update MySQL when your Google Sheets are updated. Once you've created a new sheet in Google Sheets with all your MySQL data, you can create zaps to keep your data live. You can create one zap for updating cells in Google Sheets when you update MySQL, another zap for when you update MySQL and want it to reflect in Google Sheets, and yet another zap for a new row in Google Sheets to be added in MySQL. Zapier is a great no-code tool, but the downside is that all the zaps can get a little repetitive to do and make.

To avoid the tedium of repeating this process, consider investing in a tool like Actiondesk instead, which requires just a single, simple import and ensures all data is automatically kept up-to-date in a spreadsheet interface.


It’s praised by 501,566 users who reviewed it on G Suite Marketplace with an average of 4.9 stars out of 5.

Blockspring: the one-off export choice

How it looks

Blockspring Interface Mysql


As a Google Sheets add-on, Blockspring is very easy to set up. Blockspring allows you to query your database and have the results output into your Google Sheets. However, you cannot edit this data and then have it reflected back in MySQL. Blockspring is great for one-off exports to Google Sheets where you might want to create a dashboard or report from your MySQL database. 289 users reviewed it on G Suite Marketplace.


Nevertheless, they only rated it 2.8 stars out of 5 because of features users said didn’t work correctly for them. We would always recommend selecting a tool with 4 or more stars.

Kloudio: the large-enterprise tool

How it looks

Kloudio Interface


If you’re a large company, Kloudio can be a good option for you. It’s a Google Sheets add-on you can use to access your MySQL data — but it isn’t a great choice for smaller companies. Like other add-ons, it’s very easy to set up, which may be why it’s so popular. The good news is that it’s not only an add-on. It can actually create as many connections as you want across multiple sources and sync the data across all connected sources of your data warehouse. Their drag and drop query builder makes it an easy solution to create reports as a non-technical business. One great feature of Kloudio is that you can enable a 2-way sync to upload data back to your original source.


5,539 users have reviewed Kloudio on G Suite Marketplace giving the tool an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. The most recent reviews have seen more complaints about services being broken or disrupted and about the tool offering poor customer service.

SeekWell: the nerd pick

How it looks

SeekWell Interface


You might like the SeekWell data analytics platform if you’re tired of copying results from your SQL client and pasting them over to a spreadsheet to complete analysis and build reports. It might also suit your needs if you are a data analyst or product manager who is looking to share SQL data across your team, write SQL faster, and automate reports in Google Sheets. You can connect your database (MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, MS SQL, Google Cloud SQL, and Snowflake), write SQL queries, analyze your data, and automate reports and dashboards all from Google Sheets, without exporting / importing. The app is free for manual updates and has paid plans for automatic refreshes.

SeekWell isn’t the right pick for everyone, though. If you’re a non-coder or you find databases confusing, this definitely isn’t the solution for you. You may also want to look elsewhere if you're tired of querying your SQL database using the command-line interface. A simpler tool that doesn’t require any coding, like Actiondesk, may be a better fit for you. 


With 8,000 user reviews on G Suite Marketplace, SeekWell has an average rating of 3.2 stars out of 5. Overall, users seem disappointed that the product promises more than it delivers.

QueryClips: the data sharing solution

How it looks

QueryClips Interface


If you have a MySQL database and you’re looking for a way to export the results of a query into your Google Sheet, QueryClips is a great choice. The tool sits on top of your database. It has some other features but that’s the primary use case. It will let you share your database and the results of queries with your team members, connect MySQL or Postgres databases, and export data queries to CSV, JSON, or a live-updating Google Sheet. You can also create visualizations, paste into presentations, etc.

For a platform that can truly 'walk the walk'  and not just 'talk the talk,' Actiondesk is a great option — especially for teams looking for the superior flexibility of a spreadsheet.


We unfortunately couldn’t find reviews to provide some user feedback here.

Last words on connecting MySQL to Google Sheets

Connecting MySQL and Google Sheets can enable more efficient data analysis and help you get the most out of your data. 

While many of the tools listed here offer valuable capabilities, none provide such far-reaching benefits as Actiondesk. Combining the power of an advanced BI tool with the ease and simplicity of a spreadsheet, Actiondesk empowers every member of your team to access the insights they need.

Import and export data from multiple sources, build custom dashboards, and watch your data update automatically in real time. Equipped with all the familiar functions of Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, Actiondesk enables organizations to engage in complex data analysis — all in one seamless spreadsheet interface.

Try Actiondesk for free today to see the difference.

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