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Edmit Simplifies Data Reporting and Analysis with Actiondesk

Actiondesk’s integration, reporting, and analytics capabilities are simplifying this education company’s relationship with data.


Edmit provides data-driven personalized reports on how to afford college. The company was juggling multiple, disjointed data sources. It needed a tool to streamline reporting and analysis while enabling collaboration.


Edmit found its answer in Actiondesk. Actiondesk offers seamless data integration and live updates in a user-friendly interface. The solution fulfilled all of Edmit’s needs.


With Actiondesk, Edmit gained increased visibility into valuable datasets. Employees felt empowered to analyze data on their own and to collaborate. Ultimately, the implementation reduced time and costs associated with data reporting and analysis.


Juggling Multiple Data Sources

Edmit offers personalized recommendations that help students find the right college or university for their ambitions and financial needs. This level of customized advisory requires effective data reporting and analysis. Unfortunately, the company’s existing approach was manual and siloed. It stifled productivity and collaboration.

“We had data on different audiences living in different platforms,” explains Revenue Operations Director Beth Goulet. “We wanted to be able to create holistic reports that pulled all of this data into one place.”

Edmit needed to analyze data from multiple sources on one centralized platform. The organization also wanted to make that data accessible to its entire team. Decision-makers believed that increasing accessibility would improve transparency and organizational alignment. However, Edmit struggled to find a solution to meet these needs.

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Streamlining Data Reporting and Analysis with Actiondesk

Finally, Actiondesk came onto Edmit’s radar. It became obvious that this was the best-fit solution for the organization. Actiondesk offered a lighting-fast setup and an intuitive interface. With just a few clicks, Edmit was able to import and analyze data from its key data sources, including HubSpot and PostgreSQL database. Edmit said “goodbye” to laborious, siloed reporting and “hello” to seamless integration. 

“Once we were able to get our database connected, I knew we’d unlocked something powerful. As a marketer, I'd never had access to that level of data in such an easy-to-use platform. Especially since we had already connected HubSpot, having data from different sources together was exactly what we needed.” says Beth.

With Actiondesk, Beth has created dashboards and reports that help gauge progress toward key business goals. For instance, she built a dashboard to create better visibility into the sales funnel. Data on prospects and customers from HubSpot is configured into custom reports that update automatically. Using this dashboard, Beth tracks weekly conversion rates and adjusts marketing and sales strategies accordingly.

In another report, Beth measures sales velocity, a metric calculated based on total number of deals, win rates, average deal value, and length of the sales cycle. Actiondesk enables Beth and the Edmit team to make better data-driven decisions. 

As Beth explains, “Having the power of a spreadsheet with the integration of importing data from multiple sources that will automatically refresh has instantly solved all of our reporting problems.” 

Thanks to Actiondesk, Edmit now has the centralized knowledge hub it had been looking for. “Imagine if you no longer had to keep exporting data from various sources and importing them to a spreadsheet, then repeating every time you need updated data,” says Beth. “That’s exactly what you get with Actiondesk. It unlocks all the power and access you need to generate the insights your team needs to track progress."

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Actiondesk has become an essential tool in Edmit’s arsenal. “We use Actiondesk daily to pull numbers for progress updates and meetings,” Beth explains. “We’ve created dashboards and reports to track progress toward our goals across multiple departments and audiences.” 

Actiondesk has also improved Edmit’s collaboration. It offers employees the freedom to analyze data on their own — or to leverage reports created by teammates. “Some people just use the tool to pull numbers that I've set up in reports, others make their own reports or add to mine," says Beth. 

For Beth and the rest of the team at Edmit, the addition of Actiondesk has been transformative. Not only has it created greater visibility across the organization; it has also cut the time and energy required for data reporting and analysis. “My entire team is thrilled about Actiondesk,” says Beth. “We’re excited to watch this company grow and continue to leverage the power of this tool for our reporting!”

“My entire team is thrilled about Actiondesk. It’s incredibly easy to set up and use. Having the power of a spreadsheet with the integration of importing data from multiple sources that will automatically refresh has instantly solved all of our reporting problems. The customer support is fast, personal, and knowledgeable. It’s clear the user experience is important and new features are being added constantly. I’m excited to watch this company grow and continue to leverage the power of this tool for our reporting!” - Beth Goulet, Director of Revenue Operations
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