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Level Frames Maximizes the Value of its Data with Actiondesk

Actiondesk’s data integration and analysis capabilities are empowering this e-commerce company to do more with its data.


Level Frames has made it easier to custom frame artwork and photos by bringing the entire experience online. As the company grew, so did its volume of data. The company found itself struggling to measure the impact of products, customers, and marketing strategies on profitability. After trying several different tools and even trying to build an internal tool, Level Frames discovered Actiondesk.


Actiondesk enabled the company to integrate various databases. Further, it streamlined data analysis and enabled them to tap into new, valuable insights.


Now, Actiondesk is central to the business. It saves 2 hours a week to the CEO and saves data engineering time and resources. Plus, it provides ongoing knowledge needed to make better decisions on pricing and marketing spend.


Making Sense of Large Quantities of Data

Brooklyn-based Level Frames is an online framing business providing custom, museum-quality frames for photos and artwork. As the company grew, decision-makers struggled to make sense of overwhelming quantities of data.

“It became harder and harder to measure how different products, customers and marketing strategies were impacting profitability,” explains Level Frames founder Josh Hubball. “Running analyses and creating new views in our admin tools was taking up valuable engineering time.”

Josh and his team sought a powerful, easy-to-use solution. Unfortunately, doing so proved nearly impossible. “We were generating tons of data, but could not find the right BI tool to query it or create dashboards for monitoring sales and customer behavior in real time,” says Josh. “We also tried a number of dashboard-focused apps like Databox and Geckoboard. They work fine with Google Analytics and Stripe, but were not flexible enough for us — they were difficult to connect with our own data tables."

Level Frames even tried to build its own internal tool. However, the team quickly realized these solutions would be difficult to maintain. Like the third-party options Josh and his team had tried, these tools only scratched the surface. The team needed to be able to pull more complex insights from its data.

“Realizing that our engineering resources would be much better spent on features that drive revenue and make customers happy, we became determined to find a better tool for generating the broader range of business intelligence we wanted.”
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A Powerful, User-Friendly Tool That Makes the Most of Data

Level Frames finally found the solution it was looking for in Actiondesk. “The first time I was able to combine data from multiple tables into the same spreadsheet using Actiondesk, I realized I would be able to get really creative and pull all kinds of reports and insights together." Josh recalls.

Having integrated the company’s PostgreSQL and Intercom databases into Actiondesk, Josh and his team can run a range of analyses with a couple quick clicks. Further, they can create complex dashboards that update in real time.

“I used to spend two to three hours each Monday collecting our key metrics from the prior week across various platforms and turning them into a report. Actiondesk reduced the process to about 15 minutes,” says Josh. “With Actiondesk, I've set up all of our key metrics to track on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. I can do things like look at sales by product or sales by state for any given time period, and see how they change over time.”

In fact, Josh and his team use Actiondesk to track everything from average order size and discounts applied to revenue margins broken down by region. See the image of a Level Frames dashboard below to get a glimpse of how the company uses Actiondesk.

Since adopting Actiondesk, Level Frames has found a number of additional uses for the tool. For example, the team can now track royalties owed to its artist partners. Plus, Actiondesk has unlocked new modes of collaboration. Now, Josh and his teammates can all access data and work together to track key metrics. According to Josh, “All of this saves time and gives us better decision-making abilities on pricing and marketing spend allocation.”

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Level Frames now enjoys unprecedented visibility into key metrics that indicate progress toward topline business goals. “As an e-commerce company, seeing what is working well versus what is a drag on the business is important to our growth and profit margins,” says Josh.

“With Actiondesk, we are able to identify our most profitable products and customer segments and double down in those areas,” Josh explains. “We also created an artist royalty reporting system that has helped optimize our time and resource spend. Actiondesk allowed us to completely sidestep 20 to 30 hours of engineering time we were previously budgeting for a royalty reporting system.”

Ultimately, Actiondesk has helped Level Frames optimize resource allocation and make more informed decisions. Actiondesk has become a key to success for the organization.

“Without Actiondesk, we would know much less about relative growth rates and profitability across different customer segments, products, and marketing channels. As an e-commerce company, seeing what is working well versus what is a drag on the business is important to our growth and profit margins. What excites us most about the tool is being able to answer any question that comes up about our business without having to take up engineering resources”
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