Lead to Hire Conversion rate by source by posting

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Understand how many candidates your get from each source

Understand which source is providing you with the best candidates

Focus on the best performing source to increase your hiring efficiency

Lead to Hire Conversion rate by source by posting

What is it?

This template pulls data from your Applicant Tracking system: Lever, Greenhouse, or others.

It looks at the main ways you're getting candidates (ie your sources) and for a specific posting (ex: Software Engineer), it gives you a few important information
- How many candidates you got from this source
- How many candidates were ultimately hired
- What's the conversion rate between these two numbers: Out of all the candidates you got, what's the percentage that got hired

What problem does it solve?

It's very likely that you have some sources that bring you a lot of candidates.

So at first glance, you might think they're good sources. But if the "Lead to hire" conversion rate is very low, then you're spending time and effort interviewing candidates who are likely not to convert.

You're wasting your time and theirs.

How is it going to help your business?

If you understand the sources that are bringing you the most qualified candidates, then you can focus your effort on them.

For example, in the numbers on the report here, you can see that referrals are both bringing a high quantity of leads at a good conversion rate.

Maybe you want to take initiatives to increase the number of leads you get from referrals.
For example, you might want to offer an incentive for people (employees or others) who refer candidates to you.
If you already have an incentive program, you might want to think about increasing the amount

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