List customers who canceled in the past 30 days with your Stripe data

See at a glance all the customers who canceled their subscription recently

What do I get out of it?

Understand and reduce your churn.

How does it work?

In the subscriptions Stripe table, you have a column "Status" that will tell you if a subscription is canceled or active. You also have a column "Canceled at (UTC)" that will tell you when the subscription was canceled.

  1. Import the Subscriptions table. See how to import your data in Actiondesk here.
  2. Add a calculated column called "Canceled in past 30 days" with the following formula: =IF(#canceled at (UTC)="", "No", IF(TODAY()-#canceled at (UTC)
  3. Then you just have to filter on records where the column "Canceled in past 30 days" is "true".

You now have a dynamic list of the subscriptions canceled, and you can try to action on them. Maybe try to understand why these customers canceled or offer them a discount to get them back.