Email Report Analysis


Understand the performance of your email templates

Test multiple variations

Choose the subject lines and copy that work the best

Email Report Analysis

What is it?

This template pulls data from the Close CRM. When you create and send email templates from Close, the report will show data about what you send. For each email template, you’ll see the number of emails sent, the number of emails opened, the open rate, and so on. 

The open rate is an important metric. It’s the percentage of leads who open a specific email. Most bulk email software adds to emails a tracking pixel, i.e. a tiny image. When your lead’s computer downloads this tiny image, the email gets marked as opened.  

How is it going to help your business?

With this report, you can compare the performance of each template. Better yet, you can create two versions of the same template and figure out which one performs better. This helps you understand which calls to action and subject lines perform well with your audience. The ultimate goal is learning to communicate with your audience in a way that drives sales. 

Let’s say you have an e-commerce site and 1000 newsletter subscribers. Rather than sending out the same newsletter to all 1000 clients, it would be wise to create two versions. 500 users will receive version A and the other 500 will receive version B. 

Now, how can you tell whether version A or version B is more successful? Simply create a report with Actiondesk’s template. Keep in mind that you sent each version to 500 leads. In the report, you see:

  • Version A has been opened by 350 subscribers.
  • Version B has been opened by 100 subscribers. 

Needless to say, version A was the most successful. When writing your next newsletter, you’ll know it’s best to use version A’s writing style and calls to action.

What problem does it solve?

It’s useless to spend hours creating the best copy and graphics for your email campaigns if you can’t see the results. This report template from Actiondesk lets you clearly identify what works and what doesn’t for your audience, so you won’t waste your efforts (and money!).  

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