Access your contacts, deals, companies and marketing emails data, explore it and analyze it using a spreadsheet interface.

Import all your data: contacts ; companies ; deals ; owners ; emailEvents ; emailStatistics.

Integrate your HubSpot data with Actiondesk to gain greater visibility into your contacts, deals, marketing email data, and more. Eliminate the need for third-party connectors and laborious CSV file imports. With just a few clicks, simply import your HubSpot data into a user-friendly spreadsheet. Compare data from HubSpot and other data sources in a side-by-side interface and build custom HubSpot dashboards and reports — using the spreadsheet formulas and shortcuts you already know and love.

The best part? New updates and inputs made in HubSpot are immediately reflected in Actiondesk, thanks to real-time cloud updates. You’ll always have access to the most up-to-date data. Maximize the value of your data. Start integrating.

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Contact records store information on people that communicate with your organization. From marketing automation to smart site content, the lead-specific data found in contact records can help you leverage much of HubSpot's functionality. Contact properties store information about your contacts, such as their email address, or the last time they filled out a form. HubSpot creates default properties in each account to store key information. Some of those properties, such as the lifecycle stage properties, are automatically populated by HubSpot.


Company records store information on organizations or businesses that communicate with your organization. Multiple contacts can be associated with a company to represent its organizational makeup. HubSpot has a number of default company properties where important information about your companies is stored. You can also create custom company properties to capture the information most relevant to your business needs.


Deal records store information on revenue opportunities you have with contacts or companies. They’re tracked through pipeline stages, eventually resulting in the deal being won or lost. HubSpot has a number of default deal properties to help you track and manage your deals. You can also create custom deal properties to capture the information most relevant to your business needs.


You can assign owners to contacts, companies, deals, or tickets. Any HubSpot user with access to contacts can be assigned as an owner, and multiple owners can be assigned to an object by creating a custom property for this purpose.

The Advantages

Key Benefits

Eliminate the need for expensive third-party connectors and laborious copy-pasting.

Seamlessly import, organize, filter, and manipulate your Hubspot data. Analyze it alongside data from other sources, and build custom Hubspot dashboards and reports.

View and organize your HubSpot data within a familiar spreadsheet interface.

Use the spreadsheet formulas and functions you already know and love — including calculated columns, lookup functions, and aggregation formulas. Plus, Actiondesk offers additional, more powerful features that help maximize your business intelligence.

Feel confident in knowing that your data is always accurate and up-to-date.

Thanks to real-time cloud-based updates, any changes to your data made from within Hubspot are automatically reflected in your Actiondesk spreadsheet.

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