Analyze your conversation rating in Intercom

If you're using ratings, see the number of conversations for each rating, sliced down per week or month, or customer support operator.

What do I get out of it?

Understand how your customers perceive your customer support and improve your customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

There are a few variations of these use cases. Let us show you how to get the number of conversations per rating grade and per month.

  1. Import your "Conversations" data from Intercom in a sheet called "Intercom conversations". See how to import your data in Actiondesk here.
  2. Add a computed column called "Month" with the formula =YEAR(#Created at)&"_"&MONTH(#Created at)
  3. Create another sheet called "Rating dashboard". In B2, write "rating", and in C2 to G2, write 0% ; 25% ; 50% ; 75% ; 100%.
  4. In B3, write the months you want to see the data for: "2020_10" for October 2020, etc.
  5. In C3, write the formula =COUNTIFS(#Conversation rating, C$2, #Month, $B3)
  6. Lastly, copy and paste this formula over the whole range in your dashboard.

You're done ✌️. Feel free to add future months to the dashboard so that, as time goes by, you'll have the value for the upcoming months at your disposal already calculated. You can hide the rows for now and unhide them when needed.