List open conversations with customers waiting for more than x hours based on Intercom data

Easily identify potential problems to solve urgently.

What do I get out of it?

List all open conversations and calculate the time since the conversation was opened. That way, you make sure you never let a customer waiting for too long and improve your customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

  1. Import in a sheet the "Conversations" from Intercom. Call that sheet "Intercom conversations"
  2. On the column "Open", filter out the closed conversations (where the "Open" column is false"
  3. There is a column called "Statistics last contact reply at". This is the last time your customer has responded to the conversation.
  4. Let's add a calculated column called "Days since customer last reply" with the following formula: `=TODAY() - #Statistics last contact reply at`
  5. Assuming we want to respond to every customer within 48h, apply a filter by condition on your new column "Days since customer last reply" with the condition >2

You'll now have the list of all open conversations for which the customer has been waiting for more than 48h. Have your team go through each of them, and try to have this list always empty!