Count the number of daily active users with your SQL data

Calculate the number of daily active users (DAU) on any specific day.

‍What do I get out of it?

Get a bird's-eye view on what is likely your critical metric.

How does it work?

Let's assume you have an "Events" table with the following properties: event_name, timestamp and user_id.

We'll simplify things and assume that a user is active on a specific day if there's any event associated to their account.

  1. Import the table "Events" in an Actiondesk sheet. Call this sheet "Events".
  2. Create a new sheet called "DAU analysis".
  3. In the row 2, starting in C2, write the days for which you want to have the data: "10/26/2020" ; "10/27/2020" ; "10/28/2020", etc .
  4. In B3, write "# of DAU"
  5. In C3, write the formula =COUNTUNIQUEIFS(Events!#user_id, Events!#timestamp, C2). Copy and paste on the right.

Boom 🔥