Identify late orders with your SQL data

Have a constantly updated list of late orders and collaborate with your team to fix these issues.

‍What do I get out of it?

Fix problems for your customers faster and increase your customer satisfaction.

How does it work?


- You have a table called "Orders" with the following properties: order_date, status

- Status takes the following values: pending, delivered, cancelled

  1. Import the table "Orders" in an Actiondesk sheet.
  2. On the column "status", filter out the statuses "delivered" and "cancelled".
  3. Add a calculated column called "Days since order date" with the following formula: =TODAY() - #order_date
  4. Assuming an order is considered late when it's been ordered for more than 7 days, apply a filter by condition on your new column "Days since order date" with the condition >7