Get a bird's-eye view of a customer's usage of your product with your SQL data

Get a breakdown of your customer's activity on your product.

What do I get out of it?

Have your team be more knowledgeable about your customers usage of your product. If you're sending your product data into your database, you’ll be able to understand with Actiondesk how a customer behaves or why he churned.

How does it work?

Let's assume you have an "Events" table with the following properties: event_name, timestamp and user_email.

  1. Import in an Actiondesk sheet the table "Events". Call this sheet "Events" and add an emoji to your sheet name 🤓.
  2. Create a new sheet called "User product metrics".
  3. Copy the unique values of the column "event_name" by right clicking on the column and clicking on "Copy Unique value".
  4. Paste the unique values in the cell B4 of the sheet "User product metrics".
  5. In B2, write the email address of one of your users, let's say:
  6. In C4, in order to count the number of events for that particular user, write the following formula: =COUNTIFS(Events!#event_name, B4, Events!#email_address, $B2$)
  7. Copy and paste this formula so that you have the count for every event name.
  8. Now, just change the email address in B2, and you'll get your product metrics for any user.

Bonus step: You could also have the same dashboard over a specific period of time by adding a condition on the timestamp in your COUNTIFS formula.